She’s done such fabulous work this season which you will see. She’s an absolute pleasure. Peter Capaldi on working with Jenna Coleman (via doctorwho)

We elected not to tell Peter that he was the only person being considered. It’s quite fun to invite someone into your house and have them read lines. He doesn’t even know he’s got it. Steven Moffat on choosing the next Doctor (via doctorwho)

No. When the show came back, I said to my daughter ‘this is the show and you’re gonna love it’. They offered me a part and I said ‘I’ll do it, I’ll do it’. I remember going to the set the very first day and saying to David ‘where’s the TARDIS?’ He said ‘do you want me to take you to it?’ And I said yes! Peter Capaldi on whether or not he thought he would ever play the Doctor after playing the role of Caecilius in the Fires of Pompeii (via doctorwho)

You have to be incredibly practical in an episode of Doctor Who. I had to do practice runs around the car park to make sure you can run away from an alien. Jenna Coleman on constructing her costume (via doctorwho)



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